Best Dissertation Writing Services UK

Dissertation writing is one of the most technical types of writing. You may find many companies on the internet claiming to provide the best dissertation writing services. However, choosing the one that provides the best writing services and is value for money is quite a task. 

To address this issue, we have discussed a curated list of top Dissertation writing services in the UK. Continue reading this article to know about Dissertation writing services in the UK. The article gives some of the best solutions to cater to your dissertation writing needs. Choose the right Dissertation Writing service and get a high-quality assignment written and edited in a short period of time. 

Best Dissertation Writing Services UK

1. is one of the best dissertation writing services in the UK. The fact that this writing service offers ENL (English as Native Language) thesis writers makes it a popular choice among college students. Known for its expertise in Ph.D. Dissertation writing service, it is very affordable and renowned for its expert writers for both Ph.D. and MBA dissertations. Apart from Dissertation writing and editing, you can also avail of services like research paper writing, term paper assistance, and help with your coursework. 

2. Pen.Camp

Pen.Camp is known for providing professional assistance with every aspect of Dissertation writing. It includes thesis outlining, introduction, research methodology, and dissertation proposal. Pen.Camp offers quick, reliable, and efficient services. The team of friendly professionals provides the best dissertations to the clients. 

3. is highly acknowledged and is ranked top among the dissertation writing services in the UK. Because of its high customer rating, this writing service is well-known among students and scholars. It offers a bunch of features like coursework writing, assistance with bibliography and annotations, literature review, research proposal, etc. 

4. helps in academic writing, editing, proofreading, etc. It assures high-quality work and is therefore ranked among the top five Dissertation writing services. Additional services offered by include research paper writing, essay writing, resume writing, etc. 

5. provides a quick Dissertation writing service. Students of colleges and universities choose this app because of its timely delivery. offers services like editing and proofreading dissertations, help with writing speeches, writing college essays, personal statement writing, report writing, business writing, and case study.

Are Dissertation Writing Services Legit

Dissertation writing services are absolutely legal to use. The disclaimer section of a legitimate dissertation writing service states that the dissertations are intended to be used as model papers only. So, students can modify them to meet their specific needs rather than using them as is. Paraphrasing and citation are essential for avoiding plagiarism claims in a thesis paper. 

How Many Words is a Dissertation UK

Technically, it is considered that a master’s level dissertation should be around 10,000- 20,000 words, whereas a Ph.D. dissertation should be around 70,000 to 100,000 words. However, often universities and colleges provide their own dissertation guidelines. Hence, the dissertation word count may vary depending on the course and university.

Can I Pay Someone to Write My Dissertation?

Yes, you can get dissertation coaching and review support, and you can generally outsource non-essential tasks like transcription, editing, and proofreading – but the writing must be your original work.

How Long Does It Take to Write a 15,000-Word Dissertation?

An average writer takes approximately 6 hours to complete a Dissertation of 15,000 words on a computer. However, writing the same number on paper would take about 12 hours. The time may also vary depending on the research intensity, linking, citation, etc. In such cases, the time can extend up to 50 hours.

Another factor affecting the time taken to write a 15,000-word Dissertation is an individual’s typing and writing speed. 

How Much Does It Cost to Have a Dissertation Edited?

Dissertation writing and editing costs vary from one Dissertation writing service to another. It may also depend on whether you are hiring an amateur or a professional. However, on an average, a person may charge around £1,700 for the entire dissertation or £80 per page.

While most writers have a fixed rate to edit a Dissertation, others charge according to the number of pages or words. It may also depend on the type of editing you want in your Dissertation. If you are at the beginning stage of writing your Dissertation, an editor may need to work extensively with you. This type of editing may be a little expensive. 

Can I Publish My Dissertation?

Yes, you can publish your content using several self-publishing services. Doing this can save a lot of money that you would otherwise spend on printing and distribution. Technically speaking, a Dissertation is not complete unless published. Plan your publication way ahead of time if you want to save yourself from the hassle. 

Can I Hire Someone to Edit My Dissertation?

Yes, you can hire a dissertation editor to edit your Dissertation. You can get a Dissertation editor from several Dissertation writing services or independent professional editors. 

How to Get a Copy of a Ph.D. Dissertation?

You can get a copy of someone’s Ph.D. from several websites and platforms. While some of these websites are free, you may have to pay for others. Websites from where you can download Dissertations are ProQuest Dissertations and Theses, Center for Research Libraries, Research Gate, Google Scholar, etc. You can also request access to Dissertations from a university or college. 

How to Cite a Ph.D. Dissertation?

Ph.D. Dissertation citation is done in the following formats:

1. APA Format

Author, A. A. (Year). Title (Publication No. if present) [Doctoral dissertation/Doctoral thesis/Master’s dissertation/Master’s thesis, Institution Name].

2. MLA Format

  • MLA Format should include the following:
  • Author’s name
  • Dissertation/thesis title (italicized)
  • Publication date.
  • Degree-granting institution (optional)
  • The work’s description (optional)
  • If accessed via a database or repository, database, and URL.


In this article, we have discussed the dissertation writing services provided in the UK.  According to customer reviews, is the best British thesis writing service. It meets all requirements for a remarkable dissertation writing service by having writers with perfect English language command, timely delivery, knowledge, research experience, and reasonable rates. 

Furthermore, the best dissertation writing help website should give you a paper that will earn you high marks. Any writing service that compromises quality or delivery is not a full dissertation writing service.

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