Dissertation Writing Services Cost in USA Comparison

Dissertation writing is the most challenging task for a Master’s and Ph.D. student. It is a long and complex process that involves various steps. Most students often look for dissertation writing experts or other dissertation writing services to help them with dissertations. 

Make sure that you have a checklist before choosing dissertation writing services in USA. Your checklist must include experience, quality of work, cost per word/page, etc. You must remember that the cost of dissertation writing varies from one company to the other. The variation is based on several factors, including word count, number of pages, types of services, etc. 

How Much Does It Cost to Have Someone Write Your Dissertation?

The average price of having someone write your dissertation costs approximately $18 per page. Getting a 10,000-word dissertation written will cost you anything between $200 to $1100. The price may change from one company to another depending on the services they provide. Also, skilled and experienced freelance dissertation writers charge a different price per word. If you live in the UK, you can check the cost of Best Dissertation Writing Services UK.

Millions of college and university students are hiring dissertation writers to assist them in the dissertation writing process. Students can hire an experienced writer who provides good quality work in the required time frame. 

Choose a good dissertation writing service that is budget-friendly and provides you with several benefits like non-plagiarised or 100% original content, timely delivery, and good customer service. Hire the most skilled experts with strong background knowledge on the related subject. 

How Much Does It Cost to Help With a Dissertation?

Sometimes, students just need dissertation writers to help them with specific chapters or need their help with specific services like editing and proofreading. The cost of dissertation writing, editing, and proofreading vary greatly. 

The cost may also differ based on the services chosen or the number of pages written. For example, the dissertation’s cost of writing per page is approximately $18. However, the cost of editing is $0.02 per word, while that of proofreading is $0.04 per word. 

Top Dissertation Writing Services Cost in USA Comparison

1.PaperHelpa. Plagiarism-free writingb. Affordable pricesc. experienced and reliable writersd. Great customer servicePer page cost $20
2.99Papersa. Time-sensitive deliveryb. Fair-pricingc. High-quality and plagiarism-free workPer page cost $26
3.EssayProa. Premium-quality writingb. Affordable pricing with discountsc. Direct contact with writersc. Time-sensitive deliveryPer page cost $12
4.Studdita. Budget-friendlyb. Provides professional editorsc. Deadline offersd. 100% original contentPer page cost $18- $20
5.SpeedyPapera. Discount on first orderb. Editing and proofreading services availablec. High quality content that is 100% original. Per page cost $18 -$20


Hire highly skilled and experienced writers who deliver high-quality work. However, you must remember that professional writers will charge a higher rate for writing your dissertation because of the skills and experience they possess. You can always take a helping hand to help you with the dissertation writing process. Remember, you must choose a budget-friendly dissertation writer that provides all the necessary services. 

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