How much Does Dissertation Editing cost?

A dissertation is the most challenging work for a master’s and Ph.D. student. There are various steps involved in completing a dissertation. One of the most important parts of dissertation writing is its editing and proofreading. Although you can do editing and proofreading on your own, there are many services available in the market for it as well.

You must have a checklist when searching for a dissertation editor, like experience, quality of work, cost, etc. The fee paid to the editor varies depending on several factors. It can be based on words, pages, or a full dissertation.

How much Does Dissertation Editing cost?

The average cost of dissertation editing in the US is approximately $0.02 per word. This means to get a dissertation of 10,000 words edited you will have to spend approximately $200.

The cost of editing a dissertation is determined by the type of editing provided by the editor. You may require more substantive editing if you are still in the early stages of writing your dissertation. More involved editing is more expensive because it takes more time and effort. 

The editor may need to work more closely with you at this stage by meeting regularly to discuss areas that need improvement and reworking the chapters. The cost of editing simply depends on the length of the dissertation. Most dissertation editing services charge a different fee per page or word. 

The editor may charge less per word or page if the dissertation is lengthy. It is, therefore, more economical to submit the full dissertation at once rather than chapter by chapter. The researcher must, however, work according to his writing style, which suits him better.

Top Dissertation Editing Services Cost Comparison USA
1.WriteSmartlya. Uses human editors for editing and proofreadingb. Ensures complete accuracyPer word cost $0.037
2.TrueEditorsa. Time-sensitive deliveryb. Affordable c. Provides proofreading, editing, and paraphrasing services.Per word cost $0.042
3.Scribendia. Affordableb. Improves writing style and overall quality of the dissertation.c. It makes relevant and accurate suggestions.Per word cost $0.04
4.Thesishelpers.coma. Affordableb. Provides professional editorsc. Provides multiple services like editing, writing, proofreading, citations, formatting, etc.Per word cost $0.058
5.Thesisgeek.coma. Top-rated dissertation writing and editing serviceb. Provides high-quality editing services.Per word cost $0.039

How Much Does It Cost to Proofread a Dissertation?

Proofreading is the last step before submitting your dissertation. It is a review process where you can check for minor errors like spelling mistakes, incorrect article usage, punctuation errors, etc. The cost of proofreading a dissertation varies from company to company. 

While most companies charge a standard price for proofreading your dissertation, a freelancer can charge based on word count or the number of hours. The cost of dissertation proofreading can range from $0.015 to $0.040 per word. So, the cost of proofreading a dissertation of 10,000 words will be around $150.

Can I Pay Someone to Edit My Dissertation?

Yes. You can pay someone to edit your dissertation. You can hire a freelancer who may charge hourly or per word, or you can avail of the service from several online dissertation editing services. However, you must remember that professional editors may charge a higher rate for editing your dissertation because of their skills and experience. 

Is It Ethical to Hire an Editor for a Dissertation?

Yes. It is completely legit to hire an editor to edit your dissertation. Also, all the dissertation editing services in the market are legit. They have strong ethical practices that are compromised under any circumstances. These services provide dissertation editors who are experienced and deliver high-quality work. We advise you to choose the dissertation editors only after thorough reviews. 

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