Does Grammarly Help With Essays

Grammarly is a renowned AI-powered writing tool with over 10 million users. The writing assistant tool is used for proofreading and editing documents. It analyzes a text and checks for any major and minor errors. If you want to improve your essay into something compelling, then Grammarly is the right choice. The tool offers several features in both its basic and premium versions. This article discusses how Grammarly helps in essay writing.

Does Grammarly Help With Essays?

Yes, Grammarly does help with essays. It helps to write essays more clearly and accurately. A powerful online AI grammar checker is a great tool to ensure that your essay is error-free and easy to understand. You can easily convey your essay’s message with the right tone and vocabulary. Grammarly offers several features that help in essay writing. The table given below discusses some of the top features offered by Grammarly. Read these articles to see whether Grammarly is good for academic writing or Creative Writing. it works
1.Grammar and PunctuationIt detects minor and major grammar and punctuation errors like comma, full stops, sentence fragments, etc.Grammarly makes suggestions for the changes and the user can accept or reject them.
2. Spell and Vocabulary CheckIt checks your writing for every spelling error and improves the vocabulary of your essay. Grammarly provides accuracy, more robust than Microsoft Word. 
3. Writing StyleIt offers tips, suggestions, and writing assistant ton improve the tonality of the languageIt helps you with sentence clarity, length, readability, tone, engagement, and delivery to improve your essay.
4.Plagiarism CheckerThis feature makes sure that your essay is 100% original. The tool gives your essay a rundown for plagiarism and highlights it to make the relevant changes. 

Is Grammarly Allowed in College Essays?

Yes, you can use Grammarly for writing College Essays. Grammarly is an excellent tool for both educators and students. It is an excellent tool for proofreading and improving the content quality of college essays. The web-based automated writing assistant checks grammar, punctuation, spelling, and vocabulary errors to ensure that the essay is well-written and understandable. Grammarly makes suggestions, and the writers can accept those suggestions accordingly. 

Grammarly is legit for college essays because it only provides proofreading and editing services to check the document. It provides suggestions for the document, which the writer can accept or reject accordingly. Students can set goals for writing the essay and get consistent and constructive feedback while writing college essays. In simple terms, this AI writing assistant just helps you write better. 

Grammarly is also a great tool for creative writing. Read the article on ‘Is Grammarly Good For Creative Writing?’

Do Professional Writers Use Grammarly?

Yes, Grammarly is even used by professional writers to improve their write-ups. The writing, editing, and proofreading tool are used for academic writing and by professional writers, including businesses, for emails, blogs, and other official documents. You can download Grammarly and add the extension to your browser for hassle-free usage. 

Professional writers use the Premium version, which offers features and services not offered by the basic or free version. It helps in polishing the content by checking for all major and minor errors. Writers can easily check for repetition, readability, engagement, plagiarism, etc. Professional writers have absolute control over the suggestions and whether to accept or ignore them.

Grammarly offers many tools that professional writers use to enhance their writing. Some of these are:

  1. Improving the writing style.
  2. Detecting overused words and suggesting alternatives.
  3. Suggestions for using effective words.
  4. Highlighting redundancy in the document. 
  5. Tone selection.
  6. Plagiarism checker.

How Good is Grammarly’s Free Essay-checking Tool?

Grammarly’s free essay-checking tool helps edit the document by highlighting spelling, punctuation, and grammar errors. The free essay-checking tool is more of a proofreader that enhances the content quality. 

Students and teachers trust the free essay-checking tool as it ensures the content is clear and error-free. You can avail of several services in the free version, like grammar check, spell check, punctuation check, and style correction. The tool is very easy to use; you can either download it and add the extension to your browser or use the online web version. The errors in the essay are highlighted in red, and you can easily accept those suggestions. 

However, if you want access to more advanced features, you can purchase the Grammarly premium version at $30 per month.

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